Étroits sont les Vaisseaux- Bartosik

Gibney Dance’s Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center on Saturday April 30th. Kimberly Bartosik’s new site-specific work, Étroits sont les Vaisseaux. Danced by Joanna Kotze and Lance Gries. The duet is inspired by Anselm Kiefer’s wave-like sculpture of the same name. In the 25 minute duet, Bartosik emulates the undulation of an oceanic tidal cycle as […]

Creative Process

Creating things is hard. Especially in high-pressure situations where your resources, energy, and time are limited! This little video at least gives me some reassurance as I move forward in creating another piece. Let’s hope my taste is being refined like he says!

dancing embodiment

In my dance history course, we’ve discussed dance ideas through time. Most recently we discussed Erick Hawkins’ Differentiation of Functions in Art. Basically, his idea separates the first function as dance without interpretation in and the second function of dance which welcomes interpretation. Further back in history, Lev Ivanov working with Marius Petipa created The Nutcracker specifically the […]

Being good to your body…

There’s a problem in the dance world that we all know too well: the pressure to always push through. Whether that’s ignoring that ‘little’ pain you keep feeling, starting to jump before you’re ready, or just trying to survive class when all you want to do is sleep we have all been there. We’re supposed to […]